Hair cosmetics with ACTIVE OXYGEN AOO

Natural products have been manufactured in Germany since 1953 and are constantly being developed.

GW nature cosmetic is the only manufacturer in the world to hold the patent for the production and use of the active oxygen ozonide AOO, which was developed together with Charité Berlin. This very special ingredient has excellent effects on the skin and hair and is particularly tolerable thanks to its natural shape.

Particularly important • High-quality natural ingredients as a guarantee for good tolerability. Sustainable action and animal welfare are important concerns.
Pay attention to the vegan seal!


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Why ShaktiMat Biocutin Hair Care Products?

The Biocutin brand stands for an innovative range of effective hair care products. However, since beautiful hair can only emerge from a healthy scalp, we attach great importance to the optimal interaction of product and scalp in research and development.

All product tests are accompanied by scalp analyses, so that the effectiveness of the active ingredients, pH values and active oxygen can be monitored and the formulations are optimally adapted to the requirements of the scalp types.

Hair problems can be fought from the root and the rich ingredients give the hair the care it needs for shine and volume.

Each Biocutin product contains the unique active oxygen ozonide AOO. This stimulates the microcirculation in the scalp, therefore has a positive effect on the hair and also supports the effect of the other ingredients.

Hint• Regardless of skin type, every Saneo2 product has a positive effect on every skin due to the active oxygen AOO.

The right Biocutin hair care products for every hair type

The Saneo2 Eudermie Series

In order to find the right care program, we first need to know how to assess our scalp. We distinguish between four so-called scalp types based on the dermal metabolism, the reaction to external influences and the texture of the hair. In case of doubt, the good hairdresser will certainly be happy to help with the classification.

With a dry scalp, sebum production is impaired, which can lead to dull hair and dry desquamation later on.

Dry dandruff can be recognized by the fact that you can’t rub it between your fingertips. A normal scalp is unproblematic, but should be cared for just as intensively, especially with moisture.

Anyone who has a sensitive scalp. knows the typical symptoms. The scalp reacts irritated to (aggressive) hair washes.

Combing and blow-drying accompanied by a slight to unpleasant itching. The hair can often only grow back thin and weak

Making a scalp greasy is a natural and desired process. However, if the hair has to be washed every day or more often because the roots quickly become greasy, it is called an oily scalp.

This is often accompanied by greasy dandruff and itching. The greasy scales are usually yellowish and can be rubbed between the fingertips.

A stressed scalp is reddened or irritated by chemical treatments. The hair is brittle, dull and brittle due to dyes or chemical treatments.

Colored hair needs special attention so that the color in the hair is cared for and preserved. But the scalp also suffers from these influences and needs appropriate care.


Scalp Care